Transportation Alliance Bank IRA CD Rates

Transportation Alliance Bank IRA CD requires $1,000 minimum opening balance to earn the corresponding APY.

The following IRA CD rates are current as of July 27, 2009 and calculations of the APY assume interest is credited to the account monthly. There may be fees which could reduce your earnings.

  • 3 month IRA CD – 0.80%APY
  • 6 month IRA CD – 1.20%APY
  • 12 month IRA CD – 1.40%APY
  • 24 month IRA CD – 1.50%APY
  • 36 month IRA CD – 2.00%APY
  • 48 month IRA CD – 2.15%APY
  • 60 month IRA CD – 2.20%APY

Transportation Alliance Bank is a member of FDIC.

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