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Why Buying Gold is a Good Investment

Gold, a yellow precious metal, has historically played a major role in our global economy for hundred of years. Although it is no longer considered the primary form of currency, as it used to be, gold remains a popular investment for a number of reasons. Some people

Get up to $1,950 when you switch to a Fidelity IRA

It is getting a lot better to get free money now than ever before as financial institutions try to lure more clients to do business with them. One great example is Fidelity. Fidelity, an investment institution, is offering a cash bonus or free money to customers who

Discover IRA CD Account Rates for March 2016

Rolling over a 401k retirement savings is a very serious financial decision that no one should take for granted especially if it involves a huge some of money. This is true if you want to make sure you are financially covered upon reaching retirement age. If you

Get up to $175 with M&T Bank for Free

M&T Bank is currently rolling a new promotion wherein you will get up to $175.00 in free cash money. If you want free money coming to your account, it maybe time to switch banks or add M&T to your bank list. Here is how you will get

Best 1 Year CD Rates for May 2015

If you are looking to invest your extra money in certificate of deposits, you may have a hard time finding the best CD rate. In our effort to help you with your search, we have compiled some of the best CD rates offer for this month. 1.

CIT Bank 1 Year Ramp Up CD at 1.20%APY

CIT Bank is currently offering, a what they call, “RampUp CD.” Below are the rates per the bank’s rate chart: Term Rate Minimum Opening Deposit 1 Year 1.20% $25,000.00 2 Years 1.35% $25,000.00   This RampUp CD offer gives you an option to increase your rate once

Get up to $500 with Ally Bank IRA Rollover

Ally Bank is running an IRA Rollover where any interested depositor could earn as much as $500. The more you deposit the more bonus you will get. Here is how you can collect your IRA bonus: 1. Make a qualifying deposit to a new or existing Ally