First Tennessee 0.20% Bonus Rate on a New Certificate of Deposit

First Tennessee is offering a 0.20% bonus rate on a new certificate of deposit. However, before you get this 0.20% bonus rate, you will need to meet certain bank requirements.

And, the requirements are:

1. You must open a new checking account or you must have an existing checking account with First Tennessee;

2. After you have opened your checking account or if you already have an existing account with the bank, you must open a certificate of deposit (CD) with a term of 12 months or more; and

3. The 0.20% bonus rate will be added to the standard rate in effect on the date of account opening.

The above bonus rate is being offered to First Tennessee checking customers only. Or, customers with new or existing First Tennessee personal checking account. There is a possibility to continue receiving the bonus rate on a renewing CD for as long as you contact a Financial Services Representative of the bank within seven (7) days of your renewal date. In addition, you will no longer be eligible to receive the rate bonus when you close your checking account.

You can print the page of the CD bonus rate offer of First Tennessee and bring it to its nearest branch. If you think this bonus rate is too small a percentage, then get up to $600 cash bonus instead with a new IRA Account.


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