Synchrony Bank 15 Month Special CD at 1.20%APY

Synchrony Bank is promoting a 15 month special CD dubbed as Optimizer+Plus at 1.20%APY. This special offer is effective July 8, 2014 and still runs through at this time.

Before opening this special CD account with the bank, know that you must meet the following to earn the above APY:

1. You must meet the minimum opening requirement of $2,000.00 to open this 15-month CD special;

2. You must deposit the said amount in a single transaction; and

3. You must maintain a  minimum balance of $2,000 or more to earn the APY.

However, there are these benefits of opening the account with the bank:

1. Great fixed rate for 15 months;

2. Your deposit is covered with an FDIC insurance; and

3. Free identity theft resolution services.

Opening this CD account is easy as you can visit their website online and open your account from there or you can call them at their 1-888 number posted on their website.  Or, you can compare the above CD rate special with the 1 year IRA CD rate comparison that we posted a while back.

This post is meant to let you readers out there be aware of what is the best CD offer in the market at this time and not meant to promote the bank or their services.




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