Sovereign Bank CD Rates September 2011

Sovereign Bank CD Rates for September 2011 is very competitive. The bank features Sovereign 1-5 months CD at 1.10%APY with $500 as minimum deposit. It also features Sovereign 50 month CD at 1.65%APY. The 50 month CD term also requires $500 minimum deposit.

The above CD rates offer are available online. All you need to do is answer a few questions. However, if you are not comfortable banking online then it is best to visit one of Sovereign Bank’s branches. The bank has branches scattered all across the Northern U.S.

The above APYs are effective September 24, 2011 and may change at any time.

Sovereign Bank was founded in 1902 and has grown as one of the largest banks in the Northern United States. It is now part of the Santander Group, named “Best Bank in the World” in 2008.

Sovereign Bank has a four (4) star rating from’s Safe and Sound Rating. A four (4) star rating is considered to be sound. The rating system indicated that the most desirable rating is five stars and the least desirable is one star.

In April 2009, Sovereign Bank offered a 12 month IRA CD at 2.00%APY with the same minimum deposit of $500.

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