Northwest Community Credit Union IRA CD Rates

Northwest Community Credit Union is offering three types of IRA CD. The “Bump Rate” IRA CD, the Variable Rate Add-On IRA CD and the IRA “Traditional” CDs.

The “Bump Rate” IRA CD lets you demand a raise of the rate if rates go up after opening your account but you can avail of this “bump rate” only once.

“Bump Up” IRA CD Rates are as follows:

  • 25 month IRA Bump – 2.05%APY
  • 37 month IRA Bump – 2.45%APY
  • 49 month IRA Bump – 2.85%APY
  • 61 month IRA Bump – 3.10%APY

With the Variable Rate Add-On IRA CD, you can make additional deposits at any time during its 24 month term. Rates are also adjusted on a quarterly basis so that your account can keep up with prevailing competitive rates. At this time, the credit union offers only a 2 year IRA Variable Add-On at 2.50%APY.

With the IRA “Traditional” CDs, you can pick the term and amount of deposit to design a CD that is just right for you, usually $500 and above.

Here are Northwest Community Credit Union offered rates for the IRA Traditional CDs:

  • 3 month IRA CD – 1.15% to 1.35%APY
  • 6 month IRA CD – 1.65% to 1.82%APY
  • 12 month IRA CD – 1.90% to 2.10%APY
  • 24 month IRA CD – 2.25% to 2.45%APY
  • 36 month IRA CD – 2.65% to 2.85%APY
  • 48 month IRA CD – 3.05% to 3.25%APY
  • 60 month IRA CD – 3.30% to 3.50%APY

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