Northwest Community Credit Union Bump-up IRA CD Rate at 1.35%APY

Northwest Community Credit Union has updated its Bump-up IRA CD rate chart with the highest offer being at 1.35%APY.

The IRA CD rate chart below showed that the annual percentage yield or APY for a 61 month IRA Bump is at 1.35%APY. That’s the highest IRA CD rate bump they are offering right now.


Bump-up IRA Certificate of Deposit (CD) Rates Effective Since: 6/27/2014 12:00:00 AM

Select ($500 minimum) Interest Rate Annual PercentageYield
25 Month IRA Bump 0.449% 0.45%
37 Month IRA Bump 0.847% 0.85%
49 Month IRA Bump 1.094% 1.10%
61 Month IRA Bump 1.342% 1.35%

Please note that the opening balance requirement for opening all certificates is $500. Interest will be compounded and credited monthly and there is a penalty for early withdrawal.

For further details about this Bump-up IRA CD offer, please visit the Northwest Community Credit Union website.


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