Newtown Savings Bank IRA Rates

Newtown Savings Bank offers not the best IRA rates but very competitive IRA rates.  The rates that is now offered by the bank are effective as of March 20, 2009 but may change at the discretion of management.

Current rates and terms, unless changed, are as follows:

  • 3 month IRA – 0.85%APY
  • 6 month IRA – 1.15%APY
  • 1 year or 12 month IRA – 1.50%APY
  • 18 month IRA – 2.00%APY
  • 2 Year IRA – 2.40%APY
  • 3 Year IRA – 2.75%APY
  • 4 Year IRA – 3.00%APY
  • 5 Year IRA – 3.25%APY

Newtown Savings Bank 5 Year IRA rate offer is higher than than the rate of most 5 Year CDs offered by banks. Other than the high IRA rate, IRA accounts has tax advantage.

The bank, which has 9 locations in Connecticut, is a federally insured bank.

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