Navy Federal Credit Union 12 Months Special Easy Start Certificate at 3.00%APY

Navy Federal Credit Union has some special offerings and one of those is a 12-month Special Easy Start Certificate where you earn 3.00%APY.


This offer was made effective on March 23, 2013 and is still ongoing. Navy Federal Credit Union, however, requires for this Special Easy Start Certificate, a minimum deposit of $50 and a $3,000 maximum balance. Additional deposits are allowed at any time subject to the maximum balance. The credit union reserves the right to modify or end this offer at any time and note that there is a penalty for early withdrawal.

Additionally, this Special Easy Start Certificate is limited to one per member only. Additional requirements are as follows:

1. Certificate owner age 18 and older must have a Direct Deposit of Net Pay or a payroll Allotment;

2. Certificate owner age 18 and older must have a Navy Federal Checking account within 90 days of the certificate issue date.

Please note that if these requirements have not been satisfied by the 90th day, your Special Easy Start Certificate dividend rate will be reduced to the prevailing dividend rate of the standard Easy Start Certificate for the remainder of the certificate’s term.

For further details, please visit the Navy Federal Credit Union website and, if you are not a member of this credit union, you can check CIT Bank which offers an IRA rate of 2.40%APY.


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