M&T Bank is giving out up to $175 in bonuses

Are you contemplating of changing or switching banks? Is M&T Bank one of the options? Well, now is the best time for you to do that. If you change bank and choose M&T then you may be able to reap up to $175 in bank bonuses.

But, there’s a catch before you can enjoy that M&T Bank bonus of up to $175. Here’s what you got to do. Open an account today with as low as $25 and you can get the below valuable benefits and bonuses:

1. Up to $125 in cash when you open a new M&T checking account and add a few convenient extras; and

2. Up to $50 in Best Buy gift cards.

In addition, you will enjoy the convenience of:

1. Banking in either one of M&T Bank’s 750 branches;

2. Free account access at over 1,800 M&T Bank’s ATMs;

3. Free web banking;

4. Free mobile banking;

5. Telephone banking;

6. Use of M&T check card with bank rewards;

7. Direct deposit; and

8. Relationship savings account where there is totally no monthly fee when you have any M&T personal checking account. You can also use it as your overdraft protection.

Take advantage of this great offer before it expires.

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