Monroe Bank and Trust 60 month fixed IRA at 3.50%APY

Higher IRA CD rates or IRA rates are getting harder to find these days. You can find IRA rates above the 3.00% mark when you go for long-term IRAs.

Monroe Bank and Trust, for example, is offering a 60 month fixed IRA at 3.50%APY or a 48 moth IRA at 3.00%APY. These are all long-term IRAs ideal for those who just want to keep their hard-earned money in a safe place while at the same time getting something in return.

The bank offers an 18 month fixed IRA at 1.50%APY. The rate is low but the waiting time is shorter as well. By the time the IRA term is up one can take advantage of higher rates that may be available in the financial market at a later time.

Monroe Bank and Trust is an FDIC insured community bank serving the southern Michigan area.

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