Liberty Bank IRA Rates

Liberty Bank of Arkansas, a federally insured bank, is offering IRA rates from 3 month term to 60 month term. These Individual Retirement Accounts only require $250 minimum to open. Please note that a withdrawal of interest will reduce your earnings. In addition, if you make early withdrawals you will be subject to penalties which couldĀ  reduce your earnings. These IRA rates are accurate as of April 23, 2009 but may change at any time without notice.

Below are the IRA rates offered by Liberty Bank:

  • 3 month – 2.25%APY
  • 6 month – 2.25%APY
  • 12 month – 2.55%APY
  • 24 month – 2.55%APY
  • 36 month – 2.55%APY
  • 48 month – 2.55%APY
  • 60 month – 2.55%APY

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