Best IRA CD Rates for July 2011

Ever think of where you can get the best IRA CD rate for this month? If you are into saving for retirement, it is a wise investment strategy to put some of your cash into an IRA CD. Here are some banks that offer the best IRA CD rate:

  1. ALOSTAR Bank of Commerce (formerly Nexity Bank) – 12 month IRA is 1.27%APY
  2. bankofinternet – 1.27%APY for 12-23 months IRA
  3. ConneXus Credit Union – 1.25%APY for 12 months CD
  4. Aurora Bank – 1.21%APY 12 month CD
  5. Discover Bank – 1.20%APY 12 months CD account
  6. Colorado Federal Savings Bank – 1.20%APY 12 month CD

Banks that offer below the 1.20%APY IRA CD rate are as follows:

  1. Ally Bank offers 1.19%APY for a 12 month high yield CD and 1.13%APY on an 11 months no penalty CD
  2. Ascencia Bank, a division of PBI Bank, offers 1.16%APY on a 12 months CD
  3. AIG Bank offers 1.15%APY on a 12 month Signature CD

Shop around when selecting which IRA CD to get. The above shows the best IRA CD rate you can get for July 2011. However, it is best to visit or call the bank because bank rates change every time without notice.

You may also want to view the best IRA CD rate for March 2011 to compare.



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