The best IRA CD Interest Rates for July 2014

When you are getting up to speed for your retirement portfolio, one of the avenues of growing it is through an IRA account. This is because you get a tax free money.

There are many IRA CD interest rates offered by banks as well as credit unions but knowing which is the best IRA CD rate takes a lot of effort. Here we have compiled the best IRA CD interest rates for July 2014 so you can compare which financial institution you should go.

1. Xceed Financial Credit Union Р1.50%APY  for a 17 month certificate and a $500 minimum amount to open the account. A 14 month IRA CD rate also stands at 1.40%APY with $500 as the minimum amount to open.

2. Melrose Credit Union – A 1 year share IRA certificate is at 1.15%APY but requires a higher amount of $4,000 to open the account.

3. Synchrony Bank – A 12 month IRA CD is at 1.10%APY with $25k as the minimum opening amount. Connexus Credit Union offers the same IRA CD rate of 1.10%APY on its 12 month IRA certificate. A 12 month IRA Special is also being offered by CFG Community Bank at the same rate but the bank only requires $500 as the minimum.

4. Silvergate Bank – This bank offers 1.08%APY on a 1 year IRA and requires a minimum of $25k to a maximum of $225k.

5. My e-BAnC by BAC – A Florida Bank, it offers 1.06%APY on a 1 year CD. The minimum deposit it require is $500.

There are numerous banks offering good deals but the above is the best IRA CD interest rates for this month. Summer is heating up and so with building a retirement portfolio. The key to doing that is going after the best IRA rate there is available in the market. To get a better idea of where the IRA CD rates stands right now is to make a comparison. You can compare the above rates with Discover Bank’s IRA CD rates way back in July 2013.

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