GE Capital Bank 12 months CD at 1.05%APY

GE Capital Bank, a Utah state-chartered industrial bank owned by General Electric Capital Corporation, is currently offering a 12 months certificate of deposit at 1.05%APY. This 12 months CD rate is in effect as of October 24, 2013. GE Capital Bank’s 12 months CD offer is much way higher by 0.15% than that of Discover Bank’s 12 months certificate of deposit, which currently stood at 0.90%APY.

Back in July 2013, GE Capital Bank offered the same 12 months CD rate at 1.05%APY.

The minimum deposit is as low as $500 and as high as $1,000,000 and you can choose your monthly interest payment. The bank also has a 10-day CD rate guarantee which means you are assured that you will get the highest APY offer within 10 days of account opening as long as the bank receives your deposit within those 10 days.

Other GE Capital Bank’s certificate of deposit worth checking is its 5 year CD which currently is at 2.01%APY. If you compare this with Discover Bank, it only offers 1.65%APY for a 5 year term CD.

Investing a hard earned money is a smart move but finding the best ira cd rate available out there is a  much smarter move. Look for the best deal before plunging your money to an investment with less return.

GE Capital Bank is a member of FDIC.


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