Where to find the best 12 month IRA CD

It’s easy to find banks offering a 12 month IRA CD. What is hard is finding a bank offering the best 12 month IRA CD.

For convenience, below are some banks offering 12 month IRA CDs. The IRA CD rates offered by the following banks may not be that high, but these IRA CD rates are among the best IRA CD rates in the market today.

1. Discover Bank’s 12 month IRA CD is at 2.35%APY. IRA CD rate based on a $2,500 minimum balance.

2. Nexity Bank offers 12 month IRA CD at 2.31%APY. Requires minimum deposit of $1,000 to earn APY.

3. Liberty Bank 12 month IRA CD is at 2.55%APY. Account requires $250 minimum deposit to open.

4. NexBank 12 month IRA is at 2.25%APY. Requires $10,000 minimum to open.

5. First National Community Bank offers 2.10%APY.

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