Doral Bank Direct 6 month CD rate, the highest CD rate at 0.90%APY

Doral Bank Direct is offering a six (6) month CD at a rate of 0.90%. If you are looking for the best 6 month CD rate, this is the way to go since this is the highest CD rate offer so far for a 6 month term certificate of deposit.

You can compare Doral Bank’s 6 month CD rate with other bank rate CD. For example, Chase 6 month CD rate with a minimum opening deposit of $1,000 is at 0.10%APY. On the other hand, Ally Bank’s 6 month  rate is at 0.74%APY.

Below are the best 6 month CD rates offered by other banks:

1. Giant Bank – 0.80%APY

2. Colorado Federal Savings Bank – 0.80%APY

3. Ascencia Bank – 0.78%APY

4. AloStar Bank of Commerce – 0.76%APY

5. Presidential Online Bank – 0.75%APY

6. Discover Bank CD rates – 0.75%APY

7. ableBanking – 0.75%APY

Check out the 6 month CD rate for September 2012 where AloStar offered the same CD rate at 0.76%APY. It goes to show that banks nowadays are not offering more returns on your hard earned income. Yet, a certificate of deposit is still the best investment option one can have compared to other investment portfolios available out there. It is safe and you will get a guaranteed return on your investment. No matter how small the earning is, it is still good money.

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