City County Credit Union Special IRA CD Rate at 1.51%APY

City County Credit Union, a not-for-profit cooperative established since 1952 in  Broward County, Florida, is currently offering a Special IRA CD rate at 1.51%APY.

This special one year IRA CD rate at 1.51%APY is by far the top IRA CD rate offering in Florida. However, this one year special IRA CD rate is not for everyone as it needs an opening deposit of at least $10,000 to earn the promotional APY. If you do not have this amount then this offer is not for you.

City County Credit Union is offering this special one year IRA CD for a limited time only and for new money only. In other words, funds intended for opening the special IRA CD offer must not currently be on deposit with City County Credit Union.

Please note that there is a penalty for early withdrawal.

And if you are a premium member of the credit union, you can earn more on a certificate of deposit. Premium members earn as much as 1.15%APY on a 1 year CD.

Below are the current offerings for Premium Members:

1. 1 year Money Builder Certificate – 1.15%APY

2. 1 year Jumbo Certificate – 1.25%APY

3. 1 year Regular IRA Certificate – 1.20%APY

4. 1 year Jumbo IRA Certificate – 1.51%APY

If you are not a Premium Member of the credit union, you can check other offerings of other banks from last month’s best IRA CD.

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