CIT Bank IRA at 2.40% APY

CIT Bank is currently offering an IRA at 2.40%APY. You can either choose between a Roth IRA or a Traditional IRA. The best of all is that it is a tax-deferred or tax-free savings to help or augment your retirement money.

Not only that it is tax-deferred but that deposits are FDIC insured. You can manage your IRA by viewing your statements online and there is no maintenance fees or other charges. Interest are also compounded daily to maximize your earning potential. You can roll over any amount at any age. However, you may be subject to an IRS penalty of 10% if you withdraw your money before your age of 59 1/2. There is also a potential credit for eligible contributions.

You can visit the bank’s website for further information. They also offer other bank products that yields higher returns.



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