Atlas Bank Traditional and Roth IRA rates

Atlas Bank is offering competitive Traditional and Roth IRA rates. The best Traditional and Roth IRA rates that are listed in the bank’s rate sheet as of August 4, 2010 are:

  • 1 year at 1.71%APY
  • 2 years at 2.22%APY
  • 36 months at 2.28%APY

The minimum deposit is $2,500.

There could be fees that could reduce your earnings. Funds of Atlas Bank are insured up to maximum limit set by FDIC to $250,000 per depositor. Branches are located at Brooklyn and Staten Island.

The bank also has an ongoing grand opening special on mortgage services for purchasing and refinancing of residential and commercial properties. With the opening of the bank’s new location at Staten Island, the bank is giving a $100 Gift Card to the Home Depot awarded with every approved loan. This offer is offered in all of the bank’s branch locations.

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