AloStar Bank of Commerce 1 Year CD at 1.25%APY

AloStar Bank of Commerce, an online bank based in Birmingham, Alabama, is currently offering a one (1) year CD at 1.25%APY with a minimum opening deposit of $1,000. Interest is compounded daily. AloStar Bank of Commerce one year CD offer beats other bank’s 12 month CD rate.

The bank offers this very competitive 12 month CD rate in honor of their first year in business. It’s quite interesting because most banks doesn’t offer this kind of incentive to investors.

If you are comfortable banking online, AloStar Bank of Commerce 12 month CD rate is something to think about. It tops the compiled best 12 month CD rates for April 2012.

If you are concerned transacting with an online bank, you can speak to one of AloStar Bank’s Customer Service Representatives by dialing its toll free number. For other questions, you can check AloStar’s website FAQ where answers to some basic questions are posted.

AloStar Bank of Commerce also offers a two (2) year CD at 1.40%APY.




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