Affinity Bank 12 month IRA at 2.45%APY

Looking for 12 month IRA rates that will give you more returns to your retirement portfolio? Affinity Bank is offering a 12 month IRA with rate accurate as of May 11, 2009. However, this IRA rate may change any time at the bank’s discretion.

Affinity Bank’s 1 year or 12 month IRA is at 2.45%APY. To open and to obtain the APY, the bank requires a minimum investment of $500. Note that early withdrawal of deposits will be slapped a substantial penalty. Also, the stated rate may not be available in all locations.

Affinity Bank is also offering a 7 day IRA at 0.50%APY that requires $500 minimum investment. 2 year IRA rate is 2.50%APY and 3, 4 and 5 year IRA rate is at 2.00%APY. All requires $2,000 minimum investment.

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