60 month or 5 year IRA CD June 2011

Here are some information we have gathered for the 60 month or 5 year IRA CD for June 2011. If you are up to it then check the IRA CD rates below. If you notice Columbia Bank offers the best IRA CD rate for this month at 2.70%APY and only $500 is required to open the account. Note that the IRA CD rates below are for informational purposes only and it is suggested that you should consult the bank directly for more information or rate changes.

  • Discover Bank

60 month or 5 year IRA – 2.35%APY based on 5/31/11 rate sheet or check Discover Bank’s May 2011 60 month IRA.

  • Hills Bank & Trust Company

60 month or 5 year IRA – 2.50%APY based on 6/3/11 rate sheet

  • Nationwide Bank

60 month or 5 year IRA – 2.35%APY for balances above $100,000 based on 6/6/11 rate sheet or you can check the bank’s May 2011 60 month or 5 year IRA CD here.

  • KNBT, a division of National Penn Bank

60 month IRA Special – 2.25%APY – $500 minimum balance effective 6/6/11 – 6/12/11

  • Atlas Bank

60 month or 5 year IRA – 2.02%APY – $2,500 or more minimum balance based on 5/7/11 rate sheet

  • Fidelity Bank Online

60 month IRA CD – 2.150%APY with no minimum deposit required based on 5/25/11 rate sheet

  • The Citizens National Bank

5 year IRA – 2.02%APY with $1,000 minimum balance requirement based on 6/1/11 rate sheet

  • Rockville Bank, Connecticut’s best community bank

60 month IRA – 2.20%APY with $500 minimum to open and earn APY based on 6/6/11 rate sheet

  • Columbia Bank

60 months fixed rate retirement certificates – 2.70%APY with $500 minimum to open the account

  • First Federal Bank of Harrison, Arkansas

5 year IRA – 2.38%APY with $1,000 minimum opening balance and minimum daily balance to earn the APY – based on 6/01/11 rate sheet



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