Get up to $500 when you rollover or transfer your IRA to a new Merrill Edge IRA

Want to get some free cash with a new IRA account?

Merrill Edge, an online discount brokerage service launched in 2010 by the Merrill Lynch division of Bank of America, has an exciting offer to those interested in a Merrill Edge IRA.

Here is how you can take advantage of a Merrill Edge IRA $500 offer:

1. You must open a Merrill Edge Self-directed or Merrill Edge Advisory Center Traditional, Roth, Rollover or sole proprietor SEP Individual Retirement Account (IRA);

2. You must fund the account within 30 calendar days of account opening from sources outside Merrill Lynch and Bank of America, and

3. The balance must be held in the account for a minimum of 90 consecutive days following the funding date.

Merrill Edge will pay the reward bonus during the calendar month after the 90-day funding criteria are met. The reward bonus depends on how much money you put into your account. Such that:

1. A funding assets of $10,000 to $24,999 in cash and/or securities will get a $50 reward;

2. A funding assets of $25,000 to $99,999 will get $100;

3. A funding assets of $100,000 to $199,999 will get $250; and

4. For $200,000 or more, receive $500.

Merrill Edge offers the combined strength of Merrill Lynch and Bank of America and there is no annual custodial and maintenance fees as these fees are waived for many Bank of America and Merrill Edge IRAs. Please note, however, that certain restrictions apply. If you want to move or transfer you IRA to a Merrill Edge IRA, it is best to get a first hand information from a Merrill Edge representative before placing your hard earned money with Merrill Edge. Don’t hesitate to ask if you intend to put a big chunk of your money with a Merrill Edge IRA.

While you get a free $500 if you invest $200,000 or more with a Merrill Edge IRA, a certificate of deposit or CD is another option you could try. AloStar tops the 12 month CD rate offer for April 2012.


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