Get up to $175 with M&T Bank for Free

M&T Bank is currently rolling a new promotion wherein you will get up to $175.00 in free cash money. If you want free money coming to your account, it maybe time to switch banks or add M&T to your bank list.


Here is how you will get the $175 free cash from M&T Bank:

  1. Open any personal checking account with M&T Bank by December 31, 2015;
  2. Establish a direct deposit to your new account. To qualify, you need to simply make one qualifying direct deposit in the amount of at least $100.00 within 90 days of account opening; and
  3. Get $150 deposited into your new account. The cash bonus will be awarded within 90 days of direct deposit.

Please note that with M&T, there is a $9.99 monthly maintenance charge unless at least one direct deposit or withdrawal is made during a monthly service charge cycle.

In addition to the above $150 cash bonus, you will also get an additional $25 when you do the following:

  1. Open a new savings account with M&T Bank;
  2. Make $25 monthly deposit within the 90 day of account opening;
  3. Get $25 deposited into your new savings account.

The second cash bonus of $25 may be very minimal and not that appealing but it makes sense to save and get money in return by saving. Our financial future largely depends on us so making the right financial decision today is something to be reckoned with for a brighter tomorrow.


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