Best 1 Year CD Rates for May 2015

If you are looking to invest your extra money in certificate of deposits, you may have a hard time finding the best CD rate. In our effort to help you with your search, we have compiled some of the best CD rates offer for this month.


1. Synchrony Bank. This bank offers 1.23% APY on a 1 year CD with a minimum deposit of $2,000.

2. Colorado Federal Savings Bank. The bank offers a 1 year CD at 1.35%APY, a much higher rate of return. The bank however requires at least $5,000 minimum deposit.

3. Chartway Federal Credit Union. You can only invest a CD here if you are one of the members but they are offering 1.31%APY on a 1 year CD with only $2,500 minimum balance required.

4. Pentagon Federal Credit Union. Much like Chartway, you can only invest here if you are a member. This credit union offers 1.31%APY on a 1 year CD with only $1,000 minimum balance required.

5. Bank Direct, Home Savings Bank and Virtual Bank each requires a $10,000 minimum deposit and offers a rate of 1.21%, 1.20% and 1.16% APY, respectively, on a 1 year CD investment.

6. Sallie Mae offers 1.15%APY with $2,500 minimum balance.

7. California First National Bank – 1.12%APY and $5,000 minimum.

8. Midwest Regional Bank – 1.11%APY with $1,000 minimum balance requirement.

9. AloStar Bank of Commerce offers 1.10%APY with only $1,000 minimum balance required.

10. Silvergate Bank offers 1.08%APY and requires a high minimum balance requirement of $25,000.


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