NJM Bank IRA CD Rates

NJM Bank, a federal savings bank based in New Jersey, is offering IRA CD rates with terms ranging from 6 months to 60 months. A minimum opening deposit of $500 is required by the bank. Currently, the bank is featuring its 36 month IRA CD at 3.00%APY and 60 month IRA CD at 3.25%APY.

Other IRA CD rates NJM Bank is offering are as follows:

  • 1.00%APY – 3 months IRA CD
  • 1.75%APY – 6 months IRA CD
  • 2.00%APY – 7 months IRA CD and 9 months IRA CD
  • 2.50%APY – 15 months IRA CD
  • 2.75%APY – 18 months IRA CD
  • 2.80%APY – 20 months IRA CD and 24 months IRA CD
  • 2.85%APY – 30 months IRA CD
  • 3.10%APY – 48 months IRA CD

The above rates are fixed rates and are accurate as of May 8, 2009 but are subject to change. There may also be a substantial penalty for early withdrawal. NJM Bank is FDIC insured.

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