Monona State Bank IRA Certificates Rates

Monona State Bank offers IRA certificates with rates that are very competitive. Take a look at how the bank fares with what other bank are offering:

With $1,000 minimum to open, IRA certificates with the following terms will earn you as much as:

  • 1.30%APY for a 1 year IRA certificate;
  • 1.60%APY for a 2 year IRA certificate;
  • 2.25%APY for a 3 year IRA certificate;
  • 2.60%APY for a 4 year IRA certificate; and
  • 3.10%APY for a 5 year IRA certificate.

Monona State Bank also offers an 11 month CD special at 1.55%APY that requires $2,500 minimum to open. The bank has 3 locations in Madison, Wisconsin.

You can compare what Monona State Bank offers with that of Hancock Bank and Golf Savings Bank. Or if you are from Indiana you may be interested in checking out the IRA CD rates in Indiana for February 2010.

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