Lake Michigan Credit Union 11 Month IRA CD at 2.550%APY

If you’re looking for a short-term IRA CD with the best IRA CD Rate, credit unions offer much higher rates. For example, Lake Michigan Credit Union is offering much higher IRA CD Rates, such as below:

  • 11 month IRA CD – 2.550%APY
  • 17 month IRA CD – 3.000%APY
  • 25 month IRA CD – 2.900%APY

Lake Michigan Credit Union is the largest credit union in West Michigan area with over 125,000 members and 25 locations.

Update September 29, 2009:

Lake Michigan Credit Union offers IRA CD specials requiring $500 minimum opening deposit.

  • 8 month IRA CD –  1.400%APY
  • 14 month IRA CD – 1.900%APY
  • 25 month IRA CD – 2.350%APY
  • 48 month IRA CD – 2.850%APY

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