The best IRA CD rate for July 2013

iraIt’s already summer of 2013 yet IRA CD rates are still not heating up. There is still no IRA CD rate that can give you a decent returnĀ  despite the many IRA CD rates offered out there. The IRA CD rates are still pretty much low at this time no matter what the IRA CD term is.

One thing that can call your attention is the IRA CD offers of GE Capital Retail Bank. Here is why:

  • GE Capital Retail Bank’s 13 month IRA CD is at 1.10%APY on balances of $2,000 or more. This is the best IRA CD rate offer by far for the month of July 2013. You can use promo code SummerIRA if you want to take advantage of this limited offer.
  • The bank’s 12 month IRA CD is at 1.05%APY. This is the same rate the bank offered back in April 2013.
  • If you want a longer term of say, 24 months, the IRA CD rate of GE Capital Retail Bank for a 24 month term IRA CD is at 1.15%APY.

Another bank that is worth checking for a 24 month IRA CD is My e-BAnC or BAC Florida Bank. The said bank is currently offering a 24 month IRA CD at a rate of 1.110%APY. The bank is also not requiring a lot of funds for starters as it only requires a $500 minimum balance only.



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