ING Direct CD Rates for June 2012

ING Direct CD rates for June 2012 is still competitive. The ING CD rates below went into effect in December 3, 2011 and have not changed so far.

6 months – 0.50%

9 months – 0.50%

12 months – 0.50%

18 months – 0.50%

24 months – 0.50%

30 months – 0.80%

36 months – 0.80%

48 months – 0.80%

60 months – 1.00%

What is good about opening an account with ING is that when you do open an account online, you get a $25 bonus coupon. It will automatically pop up on top of your screen when you open the ING Direct website and it’s up to you if you want to take advantage of that bonus offer or not.

Make sure to clear your cookies if you miss to click on the bonus coupon upon opening the webpage. It will show up the next time. This is a promotional bonus offer available to new customers only.

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