GE Capital Retail Bank Optimizer+Plus Certificate of Deposits

GE Capital Retail Bank launched its Optimizer+plus certificate of deposits offering very competitive interest rates. Among the great CD interest rate it offers is for a 12 month certificate of deposit. This 12 month CD has been named as “Best Standalone Account” by Money Magazine. Currently, GE Capital Retail Bank’s 12 month CD is at 1.05%APY.

Another great interest rate the bank offers is for a 15 month CD which currently stands at 1.15%APY. This 15 month CD term however requires a minimum balance of at least $2,000.00 to earn the APY. You can avail of this offer by visiting the GE Capital Retail Bank website and open the account online using promo code BON12.

GE Capital Retail Bank, a federal savings bank headquartered in Draper, Utah and a member of FDIC, is part of the GE Capital Retail Finance business.

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