Discover Bank IRA CD Rates July 2011

Discover Bank has updated its rate sheet on IRA CD rates for the month of July 2011.  Please see below:

3 months – 0.50%APY

6 months – 0.90%APY

9 months – 1.00%APY

12 months – 1.20%APY

18 months – 1.30%APY

24 months – 1.40%APY

30 months – 1.50%APY

3 years – 1.75%APY

4 years – 2.00%APY

5 years – 2.35%APY

7 years – 2.60%APY

10 years – 3.00%APY

The above offer applies to personal accounts only and based on a $2,500 minimum balance. Also, the above IRA CD rates are subject to change without notice.

You can also check out past IRA CD rates of Discover Bank for March 2011, April 2011, and May 2011. Discover Bank’s 10 year IRA CD rate remains the same since February 2011. There are IRA CD rates dropping and IRA CD rates rising for the past four months. If you are for a long haul in saving your hard earned money, the 10 year term is a good holding term. However, this is only ideal for those who have extra cash to hold for a 10 year term. For those who have just enough then this may not sound good to them. Check your finances if a 10 year term is good for you.


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