Discover Bank 4.00%APY IRA CD Rate

The best IRA CD rate thus far is that of Discover Bank. Discover Bank is offering 4.00%APY on a 10 year term Roth and Traditional IRA CD. You can watch your retirement savings grow with the tax-advantaged option.

This best IRA CD rate is accurate as of March 7, 2009 but may change daily. The rate applies to personal accounts only and is based on a $2,500 minimum balance forĀ  a 10 year term. A penalty is imposed for early withdrawal.

Discover Bank also offer short-term IRA CD but rates are a bit lower. For example, a 12 Month Roth and Traditional IRA CD rate is 2.35%APY. If compared to the national average, this IRA CD rate is still much higher.

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