Community Bank of Nevada 12 Month IRA CD at 2.80%APY

Community Bank of Nevada is offering a 7 day up to 36 month term IRA CDs. Rates vary depending on the term of the CD. The highest offer by the bank is a long-term IRA CD of 36 months at a rate of 3.00%APY. 12 month IRA CD is at 2.80%APY. The rates are still quite attractive considering that IRA CD rates are a bit low at present.

Here are the IRA CD rates offered by the bank:

  • 365 day IRA/Roth CD – 2.80%APY
  • 18 month IRA/Roth CD – 2.69%APY
  • 24 month IRA/Roth CD – 2.85%APY
  • 36 month IRA/Roth CD – 3.00%APY

For the above terms, the bank requires $250 as the minimum opening deposit and the same amount to obtain the APY. The low balance requirement is not bad at all for those starting out on their retirement portfolio. Note that there is a penalty for early withdrawal which could lower your earnings.

Rates are accurate as of April 12, 2009.

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