CityBank IRA Rates

Update as of July 8, 2009: CityBank 3 years IRA rate is down by 0.02%APY. IRA rate is now 3.11%APY, was 3.13%APY in June 7, 2009. Also, the 5 years IRA is down by 0.01%APY. IRA rate now is 3.55%APY, was 3.56%APY in June 2009. The rest stays the same.


Citybank, with locations in Washington State, is offering competitive IRA rates with Bump Rate options.

The bank will bump the IRA rate once for IRAs with terms of 12 months or more. Customers who have reached 59 1/2 years of age may bump the rate also once per calendar year.  There’s no transaction fees and no annual fees. Plus, you only need $100 to open an IRA account with the bank.

CityBank IRA Rates

  • 1 year – 2.53%APY
  • 2 years – 2.84%APY
  • 3 years – 3.13%APY
  • 4 years – 3.33%APY
  • 5 years – 3.56%APY

Citybank is FDIC insured.

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