City State Bank 11 month CD/IRA Special at 1.00%APY

City State Bank, a full-service bank serving Central City, Marion and the surrounding communities, current certificate of deposit specials are very competitive. It is a special offering that may not last long.

Currently, the bank offers an 11 month CD/IRA Special at 1.00%APY. This is very competitive considering that most of the 12 month IRA CD rates in the market today are just within the 1.00%APY range. Take a look at the best 12 month CD rate for May 2012 where it consists of banks that only offer a 1.00%APY for a 12 month term CD.

An 11 month CD at 1.00%APY may not be that bad at all since you could have your money back in 11 months time with interest. The interest may not be a lot but it is something worth considering if you are close to locations of the bank.

This is the best offer of the bank on a short term CD. Other special offerings are:

1. 21 month CD/IRA Special Bump Up at 1.40%APY and

2. 35 month CD/IRA Special Bump Up at 1.70%APY.

The minimum deposit to open and obtain the APY is $500. The same is required for the 11 month CD/IRA special.

The above are offered on IRAs only and City State Bank may require a one time addition of $5,000 to %50,000 during the original term. Also, the bump-up option can only be exercised once.

To view full details of the the bank’s 11 month IRA, visit its website at


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