Get up to $600 from TD Ameritrade When You Open a New IRA Account

Another free cash money will be given away by TD Ameritrade for those who want to bump up their retirement money. If you are up to securing your golden years’ nest egg, it is the time of year to look into what is being offered by TD Ameritrade.

As of this writing, TD Ameritrade will be giving away free cash money of up to $600.00 when you open a new IRA account with them. If you are up to planning a good future, this $600.00 free money could add up to your nest egg. But, see if you qualify. Below are the requirements in order for you to avail of up to $600.00 in free money from TD Ameritrade:

1. You must have an existing 401k from a previous employer;

2. Rollover this old 401k account from your previous employer into a new TD Ameritrade account; and

3. Get up to $600.00 in cash bonus.

You can visit any TD Ameritrade branch in your area or take the easy way of rolling over an old IRA account to a new TD Ameritrade’s ┬áIRA account by visiting the TD Ameritrade website. From there you will be asked a few personal questions to process your application and it will take only a few minutes of your time.

There is competition out there and you will see that some other financial institutions are offering the same amount of free cash money to new clients. For example, in the previous year, Capital One offered what they dubbed as a “Sharebuilder IRA” with up to $600.00 cash bonus.

There are so many bank promotions that you, as a new customer, should look into each time you visit a bank because there are also cold cash sitting there that are up for grabs.

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