Get up to $600 bonus with Capital One’s Sharebuilder IRA

money, wealthBack in May, Capital One introduced a no fee IRA promotion with a $50 cash bonus. This time, Capital One’s Sharebuilder IRA promotion is giving out more. Here is how.

If you decide to move your funds to Capital One’s Sharebuilder IRA, you will get the chance to get up to $600.00 in IRA bonus.

To get the $600.00 IRA bonus, you will need to meet certain conditions:

1. You need to open a new Sharebuilder Individual Retirement Account (IRA) using the promotion code that you will see on Capital One’s Sharebuilder IRA promotion website Or, you can simply use the promotion code GET600S813 by Monday, September 30, 2013.

2. You must make a net deposit, transfer, and/or rollover into your new IRA by November 29, 2013.

Your IRA bonus however depends on how much your net deposit is. In other words, if your net deposit is no less than $5,000.00, your IRA bonus will be $50, $10,000.00 for $100.00 bonus, $25,000.00 for a $200.00 bonus, $50,000.00 for a $300.00 bonus, and $125,000.00 for a $600.00 bonus.

If you meet the above requirements and have made a net deposit to your new Sharebuilder IRA account, Sharebuilder will add the bonus to your IRA account by December 16, 2013.

The $600.00 may not be attainable for those just starting out building their retirement nest egg but it’s a good start for those who want to build up more by taking advantage of whatever IRA bonus available. However, one must look into the financial stability of the institution before entrusting your money.

Experience wise, IRA investment depends largely on what you pick. You have to familiarize yourself with the different options available and which one is performing well. Reading financial news like The Street or the Wall Street Daily can be very helpful in terms of educating oneself to market conditions.


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