The best 12 month CD rate for April 2012

If you have taken advantage of the 12 month CD rates for March 2012 then you have made the right decision. It is because some banks retained the same 12 month CD rates for this month, April 2012. You are one month ahead in earnings compared to those who are wanting to invest in a IRA CD but are waiting for a much better IRA CD rate that will come by in April 2012, but it did not happen.


The same 12 month CD rates stayed the same in April 2012 for the following banks:

1. Colorado Federal Savings Bank at 1.05%APY

2. Ally Bank at 1.02%APY

3. Ascencia at 1.00%APY

4. Alliant at 1.00%APY

The bank that is not listed above which offered an APY of 1.00% in March 2012 is Goldwater Bank. It now only offers a 0.90%APY for a 12 month CD.

Aside from the above banks that offered an APY of 1.00% for April 2012, CalFirst (California First National Bank) offers 1.00%APY on a 12 month CD.  CalFirst however requires $5,000 minimum to open the account the same with Colorado Federal Savings Bank.

Other banks that offer the best 12 month CD rates effective April 16, 2012 are:

1. CIT Bank – 1.08%APY

2. Metlife – 1.05%APY

3. EH National Bank – 1.05%APY

4. Ally Bank – 1.04%APY. No minimum deposit required.

If you are looking for a long term investment CD, Bank of America offers a 10 year Standard Term CD at 2.30%APY with $1,000 minimum to open the account and a potential interest earning of $1,293.


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