12 month bank IRA Rates in California January 2010

While credit unions offer better rates on IRA Accounts, IRA rates are still pretty low at this time.  However, you can still find banks offering good IRA rates in California with a little bit of research. Let’s take a look at some of these banks in California. We will focus on the 12 month IRA rate as you may not want to tie down your money on a long term IRA account so as not to miss an opportunity once banks decide to increase their rate offers.

Below are 12 month bank IRA rates offered by some banks in California:

  • Nationwide Bank – 1.97%APY ($500 minimum to earn APY)
  • First Federal Bank of California – 1.90%APY ($100 minimum to earn APY)
  • Discover Bank – 1.85%APY ($2,500 minimum to earn APY)
  • CapitalSource Bank – 1.70%APY ($500 minimum to earn APY)
  • Tennessee Commerce Bank – 1.55%APY ($2,500 minimum to earn APY)
  • Luther Burbank Savings – 1.55%APY ($1,000 minimum to earn APY)
  • ING Direct – 1.50%APY ($1 minimum to earn APY)

Rates are effective January 2010 but subject to change. Contact the bank directly for the most current rate.

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